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Completed Housing Developments

WATCH has created 35 units of affordable housing to date, which helps to ensure that local families have decent housing options.

Myrtle Street – In 1994 WATCH bought its first property, a rundown two-family house that had become not only an eyesore but also a crime magnet. WATCH renovated the property and continues to own and operate this property, renting it out to two low-income families.

Taylor Street – in 1996 WATCH acquired its second property, this time a deteriorating four-family house. Again, WATCH a substantial rehabilitation of the building but this time we sold it to a low-income first-time homebuyer. This homeowner rents two of the three remaining apartments to low-income tenants at an affordable rate. As is the case with all WATCH developments, all three affordable homes are protected by a deed restriction.

Fiske Street – This former commercial property was bought by WATCH and converted to a two-family house in 1996. WATCH then sold the house to a low-income homebuyer who rents out the second apartment to a low-income tenant at an affordable rate.

Grant Place – Another neglected property, WATCH converted this large single-family home into a spacious two-family home. Again, it was sold to a low-income first-time homebuyer who rents the second unit affordably to a low-income family.

Newton Street – In 1998 WATCH bought this vacant and neglected two-family property to renovate and sell to a first-time homebuyer who would rent out the second unit to a low-income tenant at an affordable rate.

52-54 Charles Street – WATCH bought and renovated this three-family house in 1997 before selling it to a low-income first-time homebuyer. The homeowner maintains one of the two units as an affordable apartment and rents out the second unit at market rates.

56-58 Charles Street – This four-family house was in tough shape when WATCH bought it in 1997. We renovated the property and held onto it for 6 years. In 2003 we made more renovations to the property and sold it to a low-income first-time homebuyer who maintains two of the three remaining apartments as affordable rentals.

River Street – In 2003 WATCH bought an individual condo unit to convert it into an affordable apartment.

51-59 Charles Street – In 2003 WATCH completed our first new construction property. We built three modular two-family homes. Each building has two three-bedroom units. This was also our first "green development" as we achieved a high energy star rating.

B Street, Belmont – In 2005 WATCH completed its first development outside of Waltham. WATCH was selected by the Town of Belmont to build its first affordable housing in over 50 years. Three of the four homes were affordable homes sold to first-time homebuyers. WATCH renewed its commitment to sustainable, healthy, green building by experimenting with many new technologies such as icynene insulation, high efficiency mechanical systems, constantly ventilation in the bathrooms and bamboo floors.

509-527 Moody Street – WATCH completed its first mixed-use development in 2005. The first floor houses WATCH's new offices as well as two other businesses. On the second floor there are seven rehabilitated affordable apartments.


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