Dear WATCH Community,

We at WATCH are appalled by the latest visible acts of violence against African Americans in our country. We know that these acts of violence are a manifestation of prejudice and fear, and deeply rooted in structural racism.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and with all those calling for monumental change to bring equality and justice to our institutions.

During these moments, when abuses of power and privilege and acts of racism stare us in the face, we must ask ourselves: How does racism impact our work? How can we do more to combat racism in our community? How can we make our community safer for the people most affected by racism and discrimination?

We know that our country’s history of racism, slavery, and segregation; our inhumane treatment of people of color; our discrimination against immigrants; and our dismissal of the poor and homeless, add up to a heavy burden for many of Waltham’s residents.

We have a long way to go until everyone in our community is free from harassment and oppression and has equal access to economic opportunity. At WATCH, we believe that by breaking down barriers between people from different backgrounds, getting resources to those who need them, working to eradicate poverty and prevent homelessness, and listening to those who have too long been silenced, we can make a safer, healthier, and more just Waltham for everyone.

We are working to build a community in which residents of all backgrounds have sufficient resources to meet their needs, have a voice in local decision-making, are represented in positions of power, and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

As we continue to do this work, our ears and hearts are open to the pressing question: What more can we do to combat prejudice and inequality?

We will keep listening to you and looking for ways we can fight racism and oppression in our community. Thank you for your help and support in this mission.

WATCH Staff & Board




WATCH supports the BLACK LIVES MATTER MARCH organized by Waltham youth:

BLM March poster

Saturday, June 13th

3pm to 7pm

Speakers at Waltham High School will be followed by a march down Lexington Street to Leary Field. There will be additional speakers at the end of the march at Leary Field.
  • Organizers encourage 6 foot distancing at all times.
  • Masks are required and will be available at the event.
  • Hand sanitizer and gloves will also be available.
  • Markers will help support 6 foot social distancing.
For more information, please email:

Other Action- Calls, Emails, Letters

Contact your state or federal legislator to support police reform legislation!

National Level 

A link to find your House representative, just enter your zip code. From here you will see a link to your representatives website and a link to send them an email.

A link to find your senator. In the dropdown menu choose your state and you will see your senators and their contact info. 

State Level

Find my legislator tool for MA 

Here is a link to the MA House members and here is a link to the MA Senate members