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Family Shelters

Shelter Directory (from Women of Means): a comprehensive list of shelters with information about referrals and what they offer

Community Rooms: a list of MA family shelters that have space for people who need help but don't qualify for EA

Emergency Assistance (EA)
: a service provided by the state that accepts applications for emergency shelter and then refers clients to appropriate shelters
Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD): This is the department that now oversees EA in Massachusetts (it was formerly overseen by DTA)

If you and your family are homeless, contact your local service provider for emergency housing assistance. 

For Waltham, the EA service provider is:
80 Everett Ave
Chelsea, MA, 02150

Family Aid Boston
 refers some families to shelters.
Family shelters that take only DHCD EA referrals:

Boston Family Shelter
Guests should be referred through EA. Resources include meals, counseling, clothing if available, advocacy, and referrals.

Total Capacity: 10 families
Restrictions: Sobriety     

656 Mass Ave.
Boston, MA, 02118
The shelter offers services specifically to families of diverse backgrounds and strives to provide a safe place to stay. Guests have access to job resources, counseling and advocacy, and help with stabilization. Guests are welcome to stay up to 18 months to allow them to improve their situation suring their stay. Referrals come through EA. 

Total Capacity: 10 families            
Referral: EA eligible

7 Temple St
Cambridge, MA, 02139 
The organization provides housing for many. However, their family emergency shelter program has two locations. Each is a house with a communal living and kitchen area. Families typically spend 6-12 months in the program and have access to many resources including advocacy, job resources, substance abuse treatment, education programs, clothing, food, and housing assistance. Referrals come through EA.

Capacity: about 21 families                                       
Restrictions: Minimum 6 months sobriety, no history of violent behavior, no head of household under 19

504 Dudley Street  
Roxbury, MA, 02119
Children's Services of Roxbury- Millenium House 
This is one of CSR's family shelter locations.  

11 Roxbury St
Roxbury, MA, 02119
This is a family shelter run by the Crittenton Women's Union. The Union provides staff that help women and their families address the issues that they are facing. The average length of stay is 7-10 months. Guests have access to counseling, advocacy, education resources, childcare vouchers, medical referrals, transportation aid, and help finding and maintainin permanent housing. Referrals come through EA or Family Aid Boston.

Total Capacity: about 58 families                                                                            
Restrictions: No drug or alcohol use                                                     

CWU Main Office:
One Washington Mall
Boston, MA, 02108
Crossroads takes referrals from EA. They offer advocacy, counseling, a community kitchen, clothing, day programs, transportation, and meals.

Total Capacity: 12                                
Restrictions: No drug or alcoholic use

56 Havre Street  
East Boston, MA, 02128
The shelter offers communal meals, childcare, and advocacy (case management housing search, referrals).

Total Capacity: 5 Families                    
Restrictions: Sobriety                            

59 Cross Street  
Somerville, MA, 02144
Guests have access to advocacy, employment support, childcare assistance, health and wellness resources. Referrals come from EA.

Total Capacity: 22 families                             
Restrictions: Sobriety                            

316 Huntington Ave.              
Boston, MA, 02115
Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center
The shelter is designed to help families (mothers with children) address their homelessness. Guests have access to advocacy, workshops, counseling, and children's programs. Referrals come through EA.
Total Capacity: 14 families                                             
Restrictions: Sobriety                                                  

39 Bishop Allen Drive  
Cambridge, MA, 02139
Mary's House                       
This family shelter is a part of the Middlesex Human Service Agency Inc. Participants in the shelter program receive assistance from the staff regarding advocacy, substance abuse treatment, medical care and other community resources by referral, day programs, and meals.The shelter also allows a one year follow-up program after guests leave. Referrals come from EA. 

Total Capacity: up to 8 families
Restrictions: Sobriety for length of stay  

62 Church Street
Waltham, MA, 02154
Re-Vision House
This shelter is connected to a CSA that provides the women and children who stay with food. Guests have access to advocacy, counseling, transportation, and medical care through Health Care for the Homeless. Referrals come through EA.

Total Capacity: 22                                                     
Restrictions: Sobriety

38 Fabyan Street
Dorchester, MA, 02124
Roxbury Family Shelter- The Salvation Army
This shelter offers guests access to advocacy, counseling, a community kitchen, clothing by referral, access to medical, and after school program for children, transportation. If the family contains a married couple, the couple is accepted without separating the parents. This is an EA shelter.                   

Total Capacity: 5 families                            

23 Vernon Street
Roxbury, MA, 02119
St. Ambrose Family Inn
This is a family shelter run by Catholic Charities. It primarily houses mothers and their children but is also open to fathers with children and married couples if need be. Guests receive assistance finding a more permanent housing situation. Advocacy, referrals, food, some clothing if available, and programs for children are available. Referrals come through EA.

Total Capacity: 12 families

25 Leonard Street
Dorchester, MA
This family shelter is run by the St. Mary's Center for Women and Children. Guests stay an average of 9 months and receive assistance in the form of advocacy, counseling, referrals, clothing, programs for children, education resources for adults, etc. Referrals to the program come through EA.

Total Capacity: 32                                  
Restrictions: Women + children only; must be pregnant or parenting; boys up to 12 yrs 

90 Cushing Ave.
Dorchester, MA, 02125
Family shelters that take self-referrals/ referrals from other agencies:

Community Rooms: a list of MA family shelters that have space for people who need help but don't qualify for EA

Nazareth House
This shelter takes referrals from EA but also has community rooms to house others. Guests have access to advocacy, counseling, meals, and transportation. Guests can stay up to 2 years.

Total Capacity: up to 10 (7 from EA)                                     
Restrictions: At least one family member must be HIV positive                                           

91 Regent Street
Roxbury, MA, 02119
This is s shelter for women and children who need help transitioning into permanent housing. Most referrals come from EA but the shelter does have community rooms to house those that refer themselves. Guests have access to referrals, clothing if available, and day programs.

Total Capacity: 8                                    
Restrictions: Sobriety- no history of drug addiction, not a shelter for battered women                             .

45 Magnolia Street
Dorchester, MA, 02125
This is a shelter of community rooms which means that guests refer themselves without having to contact EA. Guests have access to two meals a day, clothing if available, and a nurse. Guests may stay up to three weeks. 

Total Capacity: 11 beds    
Restrictions: not heavy on meds, drugs or alcohol; in at 4pm & out by 9am, no males over the age of 3 years       

401 Quincy Street
Boston, MA, 02125
This family shelter is open to both male and female parents and children of all ages. It has community rooms available for self-referral and/ or referrals from Family Aid Boston as well as EA beds. Guests have access to advocacy, referrals, counseling, a food pantry, clothing, medical care through Health Care for the Homeless, day programs, and transportation to housing search appointments. 

Total Capacity: 9
Restrictions: Sobriety

85 Rockland Street
Roxbury, MA, 02119
This shelter is run by SMOC. It offers guests access to the other services provided by SMOC: advocacy, counseling, referrals. Also, guests have communal access to a kitchen and three meals per day, clothing by referral, transportation, and storage facilities. This shelter has one community room open to self-referral. However all other rooms are filled through referrals from EA and DHCD.

Total Capacity: 14 families
Restrictions: Sobriety

This shelter offers assistance to families and expecting parents. Guests have access to case management, life skills training, parenting support, and advocacy. During their stay, guests receive three meals a day, access to a clothing bank, and nurse's visits. Referrals come from EA. However, there are several community rooms to help others.
Restrictions: Sobriety

36 Wall St
Worcester, MA, 01609
Provides early education, opportunities to play, and comprehensive family support services to homeless children and families.

1705 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury, MA 02119

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