Community Resource Guide: Women’s Shelters

Bristol Lodge Women’s Shelter
An overnight women's shelter. Either self referral or referral by agency. 3 months on/ 3 months off. Shelter also has counseling, one meal a day, clothing by referral, storage facilities.

Capacity: 12
Restrictions: Sober women; out of shelter 7:45am-6pm; 7pm curfew.
Contact: Lee Harris, Director

205 Bacon Street
Waltham, MA, 02453
evenings only
The Bristol lodge is a division of Middlesex Human Service Agency, Inc.


This is a shelter associated with the Project Place which means that guests have access to the resources provided (including job training). The average stay at this shelter is 6 months. Guests refer themselves.

Capacity: 10 women

Restrictions: Sober, curfew
40 Berkley St.
Boston, MA, 02116


Pine Street Inn provides a safe place to sleep as well as access to recovery programs and healthcare. Guests should refer themselves. The Inn also offers a Pregnant Women's program that helps women prepare to care for an infant.

Capacity: 100 +                       

Restrictions: Women only, curfew
363 Albany Street
Boston, MA, 02118


Guests can stay for up to 21 days at a time. The shelter is open year-round and offers three meals a day as well as access to day programs, showers, laundry, counseling, advocacy, medical care, and other resources. Guests should refer themselves.

Capacity: 20 women                                                                           

Restrictions: Sober women, 18+ years old
889 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA, 02118


St. Patrick's Shelter
This is a shelter run by Catholic Charities Boston. Guests have access to advocacy, counseling, medical referrals, educational services and meals. Guests refer themselves.   

Restrictions: Sober women
270 Washington St.
Somerville, MA, 02143


Sancta Maria House

This shelter prides itself on having a home-like atmosphere; a safe place for women to spend the night, shower, get a change of clothes and a light meal or snack. Guests can stay up to 7 nights (leaving during the day) after which they must wait 30 days before returning. Guests can be referred by another shelter, social workers, or SSA.

Capacity: 10 women                                                                

Restrictions: Sober women
11 Waltham Street
Boston, MA, 02118


This shelter program is run by SMOC. It provides assistance to women leaving the correctional system. The program lasts 6 months and consists of transitional housing, substance abuse treatment if necessary, vocational training, other education services. Participants must be referred through the correctional facility.

Capacity: 8 women                                                                      


This is a program run by SMOC. Referrals go through the Common Ground Resource Center.  It provides temporary housing for the participants and is designed to help women with vocational training, housing advocacy, and mental health services.


Restrictions: Sober


For more information or to obtain a referral packet, call: 508-620-2690