Community Tax Credits

Invest in your community and receive 50%+ back as a tax credit!

You can donate to WATCH—supporting Adult Education, Affordable Housing and more—and receive a 50% state tax refund.

For more information contact Tania by email or call 781-891-6689 ext 206.


You can donate to WATCH—supporting Adult EducationAffordable Housing and more—and receive a 50% state tax refund with the Massachusetts Tax Credit Program.
  • Double the impact of your gift to WATCH – with no added cost for you!
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will refund half of any donation over $1,000.
  • That means your gift will go twice as far!
  • Download and Read our Tax Credit Flyer

 Here’s how the program works for WATCH and you!

  • You make a $1,000 donation to WATCH. You get a $500 tax credit when you file your state taxes next year.
  • Give $10,000 and you get $5,000 back.
  • Give $30,000 and you get $15,000 back.
  • Whatever amount you give over $1,000, you get half back. It’s that simple.
  • WATCH gets the entire amount of your donation for expanding English classes, weatherizing low income homes, organizing for more affordable housing, and providing support and education for low income tenants.
  • And you get half of your donation refunded to you.
  • In addition, you can dedcut the full amount of your donation on your federal tax form.
  • That’s a win-win-win!
  • Donate today!
  • As soon as we recieve your donation of $1,000 or more we will contact you about how to get the tax certificate.

Information about this program:

WATCH CDC Awarded Tax Credits