COVID-19 Resources: Utilities

Fuel Assistance


Apply for assistance paying your winter heating bills! You can apply until April 30th for help with winter heating costs (whether or not your rent includes the cost of heat).  If you are approved, you will also get a discount on your electric bill.

Learn more and apply through Community Teamwork. Call 978-459-6161 to start application over the phone.

Salvation Army

Call or visit for assistance applying for help with heat or electric bills. Open 9am-3pm.

33 Myrtle St


Gas, Oil, and Electricity

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, 3/19/20
DPU has ordered all utility companies to not shut off utilities, regardless of bill payment. This will continue until DPU determines that the need for the order has ended.

Eversource, 3/16/20
Postponed disconnections for nonpayment. Customer service team available to help customers with financial programs we offer, such as setting up a payment plan.

Info from Mass Legal Help 3/16/20
The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has extended the utility moratorium while Massachusetts is in a state of emergency. The Department of Public Utilities prohibits utility companies from shutting off service from November 15-to March 15, if anyone in the home:

  • Is under 12 months or older than 65,
  • Has a serious or chronic illness like diabetes, ADHD, asthma, or
  • Cannot afford to pay for heat for the winter months (November-March, and sometimes to April).

Because of COVID-19, the DPU has extended this moratorium until Massachusetts is no longer in a state of emergency, or the DPU decides to end the moratorium.  Once the state of emergency is over, the DPU expects utility companies to make every reasonable accommodation to help customers pay their bill before they shut off service.

National Grid, 3/13/20
Temporarily suspended collections-related activities. This includes a suspension of any service disconnections.

Internet and Data 

Comcast, 3/13/20

Free Xfinity WiFi for everyone for next 60 days; free unlimited data on all plans; no disconnects or late fees; Internet Essentials free to all new customers; news, information, and educational content curated for X1; and 24/7 network monitoring.