When you donate to WATCH, you help lift the voices of tenants, immigrants and other Waltham residents who are working to build a stronger, fairer Waltham.

Your gift supports tangible, long-lasting improvements in our community!

As a WATCH contributor, you will also have a chance to connect with like-minded neighbors.

And, a donation to WATCH is tax deductible.


Here are some examples of what your donation does:

$500: Help an adult English student gain language skills to get a better job.

$250: Engage five new local residents in campaigns for more healthy and affordable housing in Waltham.

$100: Avert homelessness for family facing the threat of eviction.

$50: Educate a single mother on tenant-landlord law and help her negotiate with her landlord for safer housing conditions.

$35: Train a new tutor to mentor a neighbor in English language skills.

How you can donate:

By mail: Write a check to WATCH and mail it to WATCH, 24 Crescent Street, Suite 201, Waltham, MA 02453.

Online: Click here and complete the form.

If your company has a matching gift program: Submit your donation information to your employer so that WATCH may benefit doubly from your generosity! WATCH's tax ID number is: 22-2918528.

Bonus! A donation of $1,000 or more earns you 50% back as a state tax credit!  Read about it here.

Where does WATCH get its annual income?

  • Contributions from individuals like you: 38%
  • Corporate collaborator: 23%
  • Corporate and organizational gifts and sponsorships: 15%
  • Foundation grants: 11%
  • Government grants: 6%
  • Churches: 4%
  • Program fees for our classes: 3%

Where does WATCH allocate its annual funds?

  • Community organizing around affordable housing and immigrant rights
  • Housing Clinic
  • Adult education classes and tutoring
  • GED and Citizenship classes
  • First Time Home Buyer courses
  • Office administration and program management