Housing Applications

Standard Public Housing Applications

For information and links for these applications: http://www.mass.gov/hed/housing/ph-manage/public-housing-applications-and-documentation.html or call DHCD at (617) 573-1150)

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How to Apply with the Standard Application for State Aided Public Housing, MRVP and AHVP
*Note to Waltham Residents: the Waltham Housing Authority does NOT accept applications for MRVP and AHVP

Step 1: Obtain an application from your local housing authority or download and print it (the “Universal STANDARD Application for State-Aided Public Housing…”) from here (The WATCH Tenant Clinic is also available for help with the application process).

Step 2: If you print the application from the web, also make sure that you print and fill out

        These are located towards the bottom of the webpage under Additional Documents (if you went to a housing authority office, the application would already contain these).

Optional Step: If you are applying for either type of Handicapped housing, you’ll fill out:

These are located on the same webpage under Standard Application for Public Housing.

Optional Step: If you are elderly or disabled and applying in Waltham, print and fill out the Application to Waltham Housing Authority for Federal Housing Assistance.

Step 3: Fill out the forms as completely and accurately as possible

Step 4: If possible, include THREE proofs of residency (documents showing your mailing address, such as a lease, paystub, utility bill or medical bill) and proof of your income and a recent bank statement.  If you do not include these with your application, then the Housing Authority will ask you for them later.

Step 5: If you are using an application from a housing authority, mail it to that housing authority. If you are using a universal application, you can send it to more than one housing authority. Keeping a copy for your records is recommended.

Emergency Housing Applications

How to Apply For Emergency State-Aided Public Housing

(If you are in a situation that you feel warrants Emergency Housing, please seek out help from WATCH or another advocacy organization for further assistance)

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible by reading the “Checklist of Required Verification Document for Priority Status”

Step 2: Follow All Steps for the Standard Application as described above

Step 3: Also fill out the Universal Emergency Application for State-Aided Housing found here

Or obtain an emergency application from your local housing authority that matches the standard application that you used.

Step 4: Read and follow the “Emergency Application Instructions” 

To Apply for Section 8 Voucher

Go to http://section8listmass.org/How_to_Apply.php (there is the option to apply online or on paper). If you apply on paper, print out the pre-application, fill it out, and mail it to your town’s housing authority.

Application for Section 8 Voucher Program 

For an explanation of section 8 and how it works, go to this site

Or, check Massachusetts Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

: In order to apply for federal public housing and section 8 vouchers, the primary person on the application needs to have a social security number or an alien registration number. This is not a requirement for applications for state funded housing.