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End of the Year Fund Drive

Our goal:  Beat our Spring Drive success of 125 donations

As of 12/18/14, We have 45 donations from our Fall Appeal!

Make your contribution today to support WATCH's important community work.


Waltham Tribune 12/11/14:
Tax incentive offers rewards for Waltham community investment
 Because of WATCH’s strong history of organizing, successful community programs and work on affordable housing, WATCH was selected as one of 37 CDCs in the state to distribute state tax credits, according to the organization. WATCH was allocated $60,000 in tax credits to give to donors, and WATCH has applied for more tax credits for 2015.

Read the full artcle here:  


A letter from WATCH's President, Dan Reedy:  


Dear WATCH Supporter,

Today I'd like to share with you a personal story about tutoring in WATCH's English program-and ask for your help in expanding the opportunity to more new residents desperately wanting to learn.

 Late one afternoon a few weeks ago, Will, the guy I tutor, called and asked if I would come and watch his six-year-old son's soccer practice.  Will and I sat on the sideline.  We talked and laughed, and shared a lot of joy in watching his son, who lives and breathes soccer.

When I became Will's English tutor at WATCH, I assumed that I was going to help him with his English skills so he could get ahead at work.

However, as time went on, I began to see that his desire to improve his English was as much about being an effective parent as being a better employee.  Will wanted to be able to write to a teacher or help his kids with homework.

I have helped Will fill out soccer applications and improve his reading and writing. And as I got to know Will I came to admire his dedication to his family, appreciate his strong work ethic, and enjoy his humor and kindness.

The English language tutoring at WATCH is about building bridges, like the one connecting Will and me.  Throughout Waltham-in coffee shops, at the library, in living rooms-35 tutor pairs meet weekly.  Forty more English learners come to the WATCH office for group lessons.  They are all part of WATCH's English program.

 Your gift can make that opportunity available for even more learners.

As you may know, WATCH recently moved to a space that holds more people for classes and meetings.  This growth is a financial stretch for all of us who care about WATCH meeting its mission.  But I see it as worth the effort, our effort.

I am constantly reminded of the wait list for English classes at WATCH (more than 300).  We are now taking action to end the wait list.

Please give a donation to WATCH that will raise hope, improve lives, build bridges, and strengthen community.



P.S.  Our story is also the story of scores more who are learning English at WATCH-and of hundreds more who are still waiting. You can also help end the waitlist by giving online today.





WATCH CDC's Newsletter for Fall/Winter 2014 is here.

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Any donations made will be done securely and will not be shared with 3rd parties. There are no refunds for online donations.  
                                                                           Thank you for your support!

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