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Dear Friend of WATCH,

I’m lucky.  Thirteen years ago I moved into a family-oriented neighborhood on the South Side of Waltham.  I know my neighbors: hard working homeowners, retirees, immigrants, and renters.  We are comfortable with each other.  A park with basketball courts for the kids is the heart of our neighborhood.  The woman next door still sweeps her sidewalk and walks to the corner store every day.  One of my neighbors from Central America used to grow corn in his front yard.

I hope you are also lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where you are comfortable, and your children and grandchildren can safely play.

 But things change.  My neighbor’s corn patch has been replaced by a condominium.  There is talk of converting our gathering place into a dog park.  Our neighborhood church is gone and high-rent apartments are rising in its place.  Rising housing costs are pushing people out and working families can’t afford to move in.

 The good news is that you and WATCH have a vision of keeping Waltham affordable for working class families. Over the last year, you turned your vision into action.  Congratulations!  You did it!!  You went to hearings, knocked on doors, tabled at events, signed post cards, wrote letters to editors, made phone calls, and talked to your City Councilors.  As a result, 50 low income Waltham families will receive help with their rent for the next three years with funding from Waltham's Community Preservation Committee.

You support WATCH’s programs in many ways, and we are so grateful for your confidence in our work.  With your help we were able to wage a successful campaign for the rental assistance program.  City Councilor Robert Logan said it well: “We’re a city but we’re also a community.  A community takes care of its own.  That’s what we’re doing here.”

 Oscar has lived in Waltham for 15 years.  A leg injury he received while serving in the Army prevents him from working full time.  His wife is in school.  Oscar, his wife and five-year-old daughter live in a basement and share a bathroom and kitchen with another family.  They need rental assistance to tide them over until Madeline can finish school and get a job, and Oscar can complete the surgeries on his leg and increase his working hours.

I’m writing to you today as a neighbor, a friend, and Co-President of WATCH.  One of the most impressive parts of our campaign for a local rental voucher that I witnessed was your courage.  The way people I least expected came forward, asked questions, and spoke about their personal housing challenges was amazing.

 I’m asking you to make a donation to WATCH and support more opportunities for acts of courage in the continuing fight for more safe and affordable housing in Waltham. Prospects look hopeful: possible changes in the inclusionary zoning law, potential inclusion of affordable housing in development of the Fernald property, and a Metro West Collaborative Development proposal for conversion of 25 – 30 scattered housing units on Waltham's South Side into lead-free, affordable apartments.  We did more than win passage of the rental assistance proposal.  We also laid the groundwork for future proposals for developing affordable housing.

 With your backing, and that of hundreds like you, WATCH continues to expand in response to the needs of Waltham residents.  Each year, 120 learners improve their English in classes and tutoring, 220 households receive assistance with housing issues, 150 people learn the steps of buying a first home, and 6 homes are weatherized and improved.

 How do we do it?  We do it with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers.  And we do it with your financial gifts to WATCH. We transform your gifts into wins for affordable housing in Waltham and English learning for our new neighbors.  Will you consider a gift this spring, to help us better take care of our own?

We look forward to hearing from you,

Virginia Monroe

WATCH Board of Directors


P.S.  The rental assistance program will kick off shortly.  Please support safe and diverse neighborhoods with your donation today.  Thank you!


WATCH's 2016 First Time Home Buyers Workshop in Waltham 

July 11, 13, 18, 20

Mon and Wed

6pm to 8:30pm

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WATCH and the League of Women Voters of Waltham

are working to increase voter registration and voting in Waltham!

You can help!  

To sign up to volunteer to table or canvass

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2016 Anniversary Sponsors

Thanks to these businesses who have donated raffle items:

Dunkin Donuts, Waltham
Elsa Villigran
Marou Jewellers
Costco, Waltham
Holliday & John Heine
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WATCH - Waltham Housing Authority Rental Voucher passed City Council!

Waltham City Council approved the WATCH

and Waltham Housing Authority's proposal for a $2Million rental voucher program!

 Thanks to all the City Councillors who voted for the proposal!

The contract between the City and Housing Authority is being circulated to City

Departments and to the Mayor for signatures.


New Affordable Housing Proposal- by Metro West Collaborative Development

WATCH supports this proposal which would turn 26-30 units in the Southside into lead free, well maintained units with affordable rent! 

The proposal is currently under consideration by Waltham's Community Preservation Committee.  Let the CPC members know you support this proposal!

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