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What's New at WATCH

July 2015 - We took 22 English learners off the waitlist for the Summer English Classes!

Thanks to all who gave for the Spring Fund Drive 

We met our goal and got a $12,000 match from a generous donor!


A letter from WATCH treasurer Marc Rudnic:


Dear friend of WATCH,

As you know, cheap rent in this area is a thing of the past. But the fact remains-getting housing at a reasonable cost is the foundation for a family or individual struggling to make it. I know from my own experience. That's why I'm asking you to support WATCH's efforts to expand housing opportunities for low income renters in Waltham.

When I came to Waltham 37 years ago, I was young and broke and unemployed. Laid off from daycare work, I collected food stamps and unemployment as I worked to get into a better-paid career. Having an affordable rent ($320!) was key to my very survival.

Having the security of affordable shelter, I was able to focus on new skills and a new career in carpentry. I became a successful renovation contractor, essentially thanks to my affordable housing.

Secure and vibrant communities are built on housing availability and affordability. You can't build a strong community if people can't afford to stay! And that's where you and WATCH can make a difference.

Will you support WATCH with a donation to help other Waltham families get access to safe and affordable housing?

Waltham has a city fund with a current balance of over $17 million. At least 10% of that money is reserved community housing. So far very little of this funding has been spent on housing. We are working with the committee that manages this fund to come up with ways to use these funds to help Waltham rental families struggling to make it.

Your donation will help propel WATCH's organizing efforts this summer and fall, focused on passing our proposal for a local rental voucher.

You and I may not have to face the fear of eviction because we're behind on our rent, or the distress of sharing a 3-bedroom apartment with two other families. But this is reality for some Waltham families.

Your donation will support WATCH's fight for safe and affordable housing for all of our residents. We believe that those who work in Waltham should be able to live here, too. You can help make that happen!

Thank you for helping our community and valuing the strength that emerges from a diverse and vibrant city. Please send your tax deductible donation to WATCH at 24 Crescent St. #201, Waltham, MA 02453 or you donate online today!

We look forward to hearing from you,


P. S. There are many households in Waltham waiting for relief from high rent who need your help. Please act today!



Please support WATCH's proposal to spend $2 million
on support for low-income families in
Waltham with rental vouchers and help with security deposits.
for the proposal to be used as public testimony.
These funds are reserved for community housing but have not been spent-
Let's use them to fill a need in the community!

Waltham Tribune Editorial:  Waltham should approve rental help program

Thanks to our 2015 Anniversary Celebration Sponsors!



Photos from the Waltham Tribune of our 27th Anniversary Celebration

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Any donations made will be done securely and will not be shared with 3rd parties. There are no refunds for online donations.  
                                                                           Thank you for your support!


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