Instructions for Waltham Housing Authority applications

Waltham Housing Authority has three types of applications: State (white), Federal (pink), and Emergency.

For all: Include 3 proofs of address (ID, lease, utility bills, etc.)

State Housing is for: families, the elderly, and the disabled. Federal housing is for the elderly and disabled only (no families).

Emergency Housing is for people who have completed the State application and meet certain specific criteria (see application).

  • In order to apply using the Emergency application (yellow), you must first complete the State application. Also, you must complete the Housing Search form in the Emergency application.  Emergency applications: must complete Housing Search form, documenting names, addresses, phone numbers for at least 3 apartments (to prove that applicant has conducted a housing search).  Examples of “Reason Unavailable”(on Housing Search form): apartment was too expensive; tenant needs 1st floor, but unit was on 2nd floor; unit was not accessible by public transportation.”

Elderly or disabled individuals can apply for Federal housing (pink application).

  • There are 2 separate applications (State & Federal). The minimum age is 60 for state housing, and 62 for federal housing.
  • Note: Congregate Housing (checkbox on the state application): consists of 20 studio units with kitchenettes, and shared common areas; located at 300 South Street. The benefit of applying: the wait list for congregate housing is only one year (compared to 3 years for standard elderly housing).  In addition, tenants who live in congregate housing for at least one year have the option to move to the top of the wait list for a standard 1 BR.