Community Organizing

WATCH has a 30 year history of organizing in Waltham. The organization began as an association of tenant activists, and its strongest advocacy remains in housing. WATCH's programs and actions are driven by the strength and power of the Waltham community.


Most recently, WATCH played a key role in the passage of an updated Inclusionary Zoning policy.

WATCH is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of Waltham's first Local Voucher Program, currently in its third year of operation!

We are currently working towards our next campaign. If you are curious as to what that might look like, check out our Affordable Housing Plan 2020.

WATCH Tenant Action Group

All of WATCH's campaigns and programs are developed from communication and collaboration with the communities they serve. If you want to get involved in housing advocacy as a tenant, consider joining the Tenant Action Group at WATCH.

Come join other tenants to:

  • Learn more about how to apply for affordable housing
  • Take action together to improve the overall housing situation for tenants in Waltham.

The Tenant Action Group is free to join and participate in. Refreshments are provided, and childcare and translation are both available. Simply call to let us know your needs.

For more information, contact Genoveva by phone at 781-891-6689 ext. 208 or by email.