Local Action

  • We are asking that Mayor Jeannette McCarthy and the members of the Waltham City Council:
  • EXTEND the current eviction moratorium for one year beyond the end of the federal eviction moratorium,
    EXTEND period to repay back rent for one year after the end of the federal eviction moratorium,
    FREEZE rent rates (to the rate at March 2020) until one year after the end of the Massachusetts emergency declaration.

State Policy Action Alerts 

Use this find my legislator tool to contact your legislators.

Call your legislators and urge them to support bill HD.5166/SD.2992, an act to guarantee housing stability during the COVID-19 emergency and recovery. Here is a fact sheet about the bill. Click here to sign a petition.

Here is a script to use when calling legislators:

"Hello, my name is ________, and I live in the city of ________. I'm calling to ask (state your legislator's name) to take action to protect tenants and small owners from eviction and foreclosures due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please co-sponsor HD.5166/SD.2992, An Act to Guarantee Housing Stability During the COVID-19 Emergency and Recovery, introduced by Representatives Mike Connolly and Kevin Honan and Senator Pat Jehlen on June 30th. Also, please vote YES on the Tenant Protection Act."

→ Help move forward legislation, S.2785, to ensure low-income tenants have access to full legal representation in housing court. This bill is critical as eviction cases will be brought to court when COVID-19 eviction moratorium ends on 8/18. Click here for more information.

→ Click here to view a comprehensive list of critical actions you can take right now to protect tenants during the COVID-19 crisis.

→ Click here to view current national and state police reform legislation and learn how to contact your representatives.

Budget Priorities for COVID-19 Response -

Click this link to learn about learn about crucial budget priorities in the COVID-19 response.