Community Resource Guide: Mental Health

These are a resource for people who need someone to talk to. See the warmlines page for Massachusetts for the various mental health organizations and agencies that offer the service. Hours vary for each warmline.


The Edinburg Center

Only for clients with major mental illness or developmental disabilities who have been found eligible by DMH (Department  of Mental Health) or DDS (Department of Developmental Services). Offers mental health support as well as assistance to those with  co-occurring substance abuse problems or developmental disabilities. Services include community support, day treatment, outpatient treatment, intervention services, peer support and advocacy, and family support and advocacy. In Waltham, the Potter Place Clubhouse offers pre-vocational, vocational, and social opportunities.

Main Office:
205 Burlington Road
Bedford, MA 01730
Potter Place Clubhouse in Waltham:

Offers mental health support to youth and families. Services include help with in-patient care, outpatient care, assessment, and a rape crisis hotline among many others.
118 Central
Waltham, MA, 02453


Offers a multitude of advocacy services for those with mental health concerns, developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and substance abuse problems.
675 Main St.
Waltham, MA, 02451

Offers advocacy and support for families and individuals with mental illness and/ or developmental disabilities. Specifically, JF&CS can help with referrals, care consultation and assistance, programs for children with special needs, day and employment programming, supported housing, and social programs for adults.

Waltham Headquarters:
1430 Main St
Waltham, MA, 02451

Riverside Outpatient Center at Newton

Offers outpatient care and counseling for children and families. Other locations can be found on the website.

64 Eldredge Street

Newton, MA, 02458



MBRLC is an umbrella organization of peer support centers in the Boston area. Many of the participating community centers have education programs and other activities available.

A member of MBRLC, the center offers support groups, socialization opportunities, computer access and instruction, gym access and a library.

85 East Newton Street, Ground Floor     

Boston, MA, 02118



Offers advocacy and legal services as well as psychotherapy, immigration assistance, and family support.

One West Street
Cambridge, MA, 02139


Offers treatment and support groups for developmental disabilities, eating disorders, domestic violence, and other mental health concerns.

55 Fruit Street

Boston, MA, 02114



Offers support and advocacy to those with mental illness.

Helpline: 800-370- 9085

The Schrafft's Center
529 Main St, Suite 1M17
Boston, MA, 02129