COVID-19 Resources: Housing

Rent Assistance

Behind on your rent?  Received a notice to quit?

There are three rental assistance options available: the State, the City of Waltham and WATCH.

1) ERAP- Emergency Rental Assistance Program
New federal program for rental assistance- ERAP (replacing RAFT as the primary funding for rental assistance through Metro Housing Boston)
Eligibility: 80% AMI Income limit
Income reduced by at least one family member due to COVID-19 pandemic
Rent: All rent owed + 3 months of future payments (total 12 months max) $10,000 limit does not apply.
Utilities: up to $1,500 of utilities overdue
How to apply:
Apply here starting 3/22/21:
Need an update on an application?  If you applied for assistance to Metro Housing Boston online and it’s been more than 3 weeks, you can contact Metro Housing Boston to get a status update.  Email or call 617-544-9330. If you applied through WATCH, please contact Daisy at or 781-570-4423.

WATCH Tenant Assistance Fund

Due to generous donations, state funding, and a grant from the Foundation for Metrowest, WATCH has opened round 3 of our tenant assistance fund.  Applications will be accepted as long as funding is available.  Please allow 2 weeks from the date of your application before hearing back from WATCH.

Eligibility: For Waltham tenants with income loss due to Covid pandemic who are not eligible for RAFT or ERAP and who are behind on their rent.
Rent: Initial grant of up to $3,000, possible 2nd grant.
Fill out the application Here: Application Form.
 If you have questions about whether you qualify contact Suzi at or 781-570-4394
  • Tenants must be low-income and show COVID related income or job loss.
  • Grant is given directly to tenant to pay rent and is not considered taxable income.
  • Immigration status is not considered in this grant.
Fill out the application Here:  Application Form.
If you have questions about whether you qualify contact Suzi at  or 781-570-4394

Waltham City Fund 

Eligibility: For Waltham tenants who have a notice to quit or eviction notice from landlord or court. More info on eligibility here: Program Guidelines
Rent: 3 months of rental payments based on size of apartment: 1 Bedroom $1200/month: 2 Bedroom $1,500/month: 3 Bedroom $1,800/month.
How to apply:

Take Action to Prevent Eviction

There is currently a Federal Eviction Moratorium effective till June 30, 2021. 

What should you do? 
If you owe rent, pay what you can, and communicate with your landlord.  In order to be protected under the federal eviction moratorium, you must sign the declaration 

Please read the form carefully.  If the form applies to you, sign it, and give it to your landlord – in person or by taking a picture and sending by text/ email.  If you deliver it in person, take a picture of the completed form for your records.

Need a Declaration Form?  
The printable form is here: declaration

Paper copies can be picked up at:
Waltham Public Library (entrance by the parking lot), Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4 pm. WATCH office at 24 Crescent Street, Suite 201, (next to our front door entrance on Crescent Street) Monday – Friday 9am to 7:30pm.

Need Help?
If a landlord is harassing you or threatening to evict you, please call Suzi at 781-891-6689 x203 or 781-570-4394 or send an email to

Want to learn more? 

Eviction moratorium fact sheet

Affordable Housing


The MassAccess Housing Registry helps people to find affordable rental and homeownership opportunities in Massachusetts. A key feature of the Registry is to highlight homes for people with disabilities who need accessible or barrier-free housing.


Use this link to find affordable housing in Boston and the greater Boston area. You can search for current units available and sign up for the Metrolist email list to receive updates when new affordable units are listed.


Use this link to search for affordable housing.

Use this link to search for workforce housing developments - housing that is available for those who earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable housing but cannot afford market rents.


Use this link to search for affordable housing.

Handicap Accessible Affordable Housing 

  • - Under "Special Features," select "Disability Access."
  • - After searching for your desired location, click to open the menu under "Amenities"; then under "Community Amenities," select "Disability Access."
  • - Under "Community Amenities," select "Disability Access."
  • - Select "Search by Amenities," and then under "Special Features," select "Disability Access."
  • - After searching for your desired location, select "Handicapped Accessible" under "Property Features" and/or "Handicap Access" under "Community Feature" (if available).

Searching For Housing

Emergency Assistance and Homelessness Resources

Additional Resources

Mortgage Assistance for Homeowners 

Greater Boston Legal Services foreclosure work includes:  representing homeowners who are facing foreclosure and have potential legal defenses; assisting homeowners who have the financial ability to make mortgage payments if their principal or interest payments were reduced through a modification of their loans and have been rejected for a modification; and  providing homeowners facing foreclosure, and homeowners with high cost loans, with advice and brief service, along with referrals to housing counseling agencies, updated information on the various loan modification programs available to them, and updated information concerning their legal rights and remedies, including bankruptcy.

For more information visit here 

Boston Action for Boston Community Development 

Utility assistance for Massachusetts homeowners. For assistance fill out this form 

For help contacting ABCD, visit here 


Fannie Mae

If your building is financed by Fannie Mae (renters), then you may qualify for additional benefits such as: assistance with FEMA and insurance claims after a natural disaster, access to HUD-approved housing counselors, federal and state housing assistance information, guidance on unemployment benefits, nutritional assistance and any other available programs, and nonlegal support in communicating with landlords. They have a form you can fill out to determine eligibility on this page.