COVID-19 Updates

The WATCH Office is closed, but we continue to serve the Waltham community!

Updates on WATCH's Programs:


Adult Education

Our ESL classes are meeting virtually, contact Brian for more information.
phone: 781-891-6689, ext. 202


Housing & Basic Needs Clinic

Please look at our Resource Guide for help with food, utilities, rent and other info: COVID-19 Resource Guide

Our Housing Clinic continues to assist people. If you don't find the information you need in the resource guide, or have an emergency need for groceries, diapers or cleaning supplies, fill out this form.

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Community Organizing

We continue to organize for more access to safe and affordable housing for Waltham residents.  We support the City's newly established Tenant Assistance Fund and will be applying for additional funds for rent support.  For more information, contact Genoveva