The founding of  Metro West Collaborative Developers (MWCD) in 2011 means more efficient and effective affordable housing developmetn in our region! This organization was created through the efforts of four groups:

– Watertown Community Housing
Belmont Housing Trust
Lexington Housing Partnership

Each of the founding groups take advantage of MWCD for support in identifying suitable sites for affordable housing in our community. Then, when the time comes, we hope MWCD will carry out the development work to create top quality, green, affordable homes for local families.

MWCD has two staff that are directed by a  Board of Directors that is made up of representatives from each of the four communities involved.

There is one Waltham representatives on the MWCD board and WATCH is workig to nominate a second. If you are interested in representing WATCH on the board of a nonprofit affordable housing developer, contact Daria: 781-891-6689 x200.