Member Highlight

Meet Astrid. Raised in Waltham and now residing in Central Massachusetts, Astrid's journey with WATCH began during a challenging time in her life when her father introduced her to the organization for support.

Now an intern at WATCH, Astrid has not only deepened her understanding of community issues but also ignited a passion for driving meaningful change. Sarah, our Housing Clinic Director says, Astrid has provided 1:1 assistance with clients and helped to delay or prevent dozens of evictions. Despite dealing with some personal challenges, Astrid stepped up to help her community, and advocate for families in need. I am forever grateful for all the support she has provided to the Housing Clinic; I expect Astrid to continue to be a voice and advocate for her community now and in the future.”

Her dedication spans advocating for mental health awareness, reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness, and providing hands-on support to those in need. Each of these experiences has reinforced her belief in the powerful ripple effect of compassion and action. Astrid shares, “My journey with WATCH CDC as a volunteer has been nothing short of inspiring. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute and excited to continue making a difference with WATCH.”