Our Mission:  WATCH CDC works towards a more just community in the Waltham area by promoting affordable housing, providing adult education and leadership development, and empowering underrepresented residents through civic engagement.

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WATCH is about you! Our work is underscored and strengthened by community organizing and community building. WATCH seeks to connect, convene and empower a wide range of community members in order to accomplish social and economic justice goals. WATCH seeks to create a community in which all residents, including low and middle income people, immigrants and others who are traditionally disadvantaged or removed from existing power structures, have a voice and can influence decisions, such that social decisions benefit the whole community and not just a few.

WATCH serves the community in a variety of ways.  WATCH incorporates a multi-prong approach to serving the community:  Adult Education, Tenant Advocacy & Support, Community Organizing for Affordable Housing.  By being a safe space for low-income and immigrant community members, WATCH provides a safety net and resource while providing resources, education and leadership opportunities.

WATCH is Waltham's Community Development Corporation (CDC).  As a CDC, WATCH is a member of a broader collection of community development associations in the state known as MACDC.  One of the biggest connection to MACDC is WATCH's historic and current focus on expanding access to Affordable Housing.  WATCH has developed 34 units of affordable housing Waltham in its first 15 years.  WATCH now collaborates with a regional organization Metro West Collaborative Development (MWCD) to identify suitable affordable housing sites in Waltham and organize the community support to see affordable homes created.

WATCH is responsive to community needs.  WATCH continually assesses the needs of the community, adapts to meet those needs and acts to make positive community changes.  We share an interest in having an input into local decisions, a belief that everyone deserves opportunity and a desire to build connections with others.  WATCH serves as a nexus, bringing people and organizations together to address timely issues.

WATCH supports a diverse community. WATCH has a racially, ethnically and economically diverse membership and constituency.  Our annual meeting and other large forums provide rare opportunities for socializing with a diverse cross section of the Waltham and surrounding community. We come from all income levels, ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations. We reflect the local community: Around half of Waltham's residents rent their homes and the other half owns. Around half of Waltham residents would qualify for affordable housing under federal standards. Around a third of Waltham's residents are foreign born.  By bringing together volunteers, housing clinic clients, donors, ESL students, home owners, and public officials, we build bridges and strengthen our community.

Everyone is invited to participate with WATCH. Participation with WATCH's programs is open to anyone of any community, although our community organizing work focuses on community improvements in Waltham.  While most of our members and supporters live in Waltham, we have a significant and growing number of active members and supporters in Belmont, Newton, Lexington, Lincoln, Weston and other nearby communities.