Join WATCH by becoming a member!

  1. What is required of members?
  2. Donate $20 or more each year, $10 for students and low income households
  3. Believe in the values, mission and work of WATCH
  4. Do your best to support WATCH's programs- come to an event, volunteer, share information about WATCH in your community - there are many ways to support WATCH!


WATCH CDC works towards a more just community in the Waltham area by promoting affordable housing, providing adult education and leadership development, and empowering underrepresented residents through civic engagement.

Values Statement

At WATCH Community Development Corporation, we expect the behavior and decisions of our leaders, staff and volunteers to be guided by these fundamental principles:

Respect: We respect, welcome and engage individuals of any and all cultures, classes and experience. We believe in equality. By listening to one and other, and by valuing each person as an equal, we will be stronger and more effective as individuals and as an organization.

Empowerment: We seek to empower individuals and communities, to organize for and promote action, education, and community-based leadership. We believe in providing equity and access to resources, voice and power. We lead by example, providing a strong presence and force for positive social change.

Responsibility: We are flexible, adaptive and creative, but we are also thoughtful, informed and reflective, making decisions deliberately and ethically. We consider our organization’s future and capacity.

Social Justice: Our aim is social justice and economic security for those who are not secure. We are grounded in the grassroots of our community in order to achieve justice.

Honesty: We communicate clearly, openly and honestly with one another and with the community.

Collaboration: We focus on collective concerns and shared interests. We work collaboratively across individuals and organizations.

Fun: Our work depends on the individual and collective efforts of people. We strive to make sure our work engages and energizes us, and that we enjoy ourselves and one another.