Tenant Rights + Resources

You have rights as a tenant and if you are being harassed by your landlord please seek help.


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Tenant Rights Notification Act 

Waltham tenants are working for a local Tenant Rights Notification Act modeled after the ordinances passed in Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston.

The cities of Somerville and Boston have passed ordinances requiring landlords to notify tenants of legal and financial resources when they are facing eviction. The tenants of Waltham would like to see a similar ordinance passed in Waltham. Learn more here

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  • We are calling on our public officials to enact policies that provide tenants who are facing eviction with information on community resources for rental assistance and legal advocacy.
  • We are asking the Waltham City Council to mandate landlords to include a copy of local eviction resources and programs to the tenant at the time of serving a notice to quit.
  • We are asking our MA Legislators to make the new requirement (for a landlord to give information to tenants facing eviction) permanent and to include phone numbers for rental and legal assistance.
  • We ask that these notices be provided in the tenant’s primary language.

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Tenant Resources

Legal Tactics
Massachusetts State Sanitary Code
Public Housing 
Before Signing the Lease and Moving In
Move-in Checklist
MA Landlord and Tenant Law Summary
A Massachusetts Consumer Guide to Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
Pamphlet on Foreclosure and Tenants' Rights