Board of Directors & Advisory Board

WATCH Board of Directors

The WATCH Board of Directors is elected each spring at WATCH's annual meeting.

During the year, the WATCH Board may appoint up to five additional members to ensure a diverse board with a range of knowledge and skills.

WATCH CDC Slate of Board of Directors 2022-2023:

Caroline Coste (Co-President)
Ken Rabinoff-Goldman (Co-President)
Kiara Cardona (Treasurer)
Nehemie Bernard (Clerk)
Cesar Revolorio
Isaac Kateregga
Sylvia Kiggundu
Lisa McMahon
Melvin Acevedo
Saber Girgis
Tareq Hasan
Missy Goldberg
Maria Silva
Gricelda Lamour
Norma Wyse

2021-2022 WATCH Board of Directors 2021 - 2022

2020-2021:  WATCH CDC Slate of Board of Directors June 2020

WATCH Advisory Board

The individuals in this group lend their knowledge, skills and insights to WATCH, helping us meet our mission in the most effective way.

Laura Goldin
Mark Alston-Follansbee
Alwina Bennett
Susan Bernstein
Rev. Lynn Campbell
Gabriela Canepa
Bob Clement
Constance Coggins
Connee Counts
Paul Crocetti
Marci Diamond
Norm Faramelli
Judy Ferretti
Ed Haddad
Cesar Hernandez
Sue Hickey
Robert Logan
Felipe Lopez
Cecilia Matos
Stephen Matson
Kayla Mottola
Julie McVeigh
Annette Reynolds
Jessica Schendel
Ned Schuller
Connie Stubbs
Tim Tuttle
Doug Waybright
Shelley White
Elaine Wong