Welcome! Thank you for checking out WATCH CDC’s Job Board page!

WATCH CDC has started a new educational Job and Financial Management clinic focused on providing free resources through educational workshops on job and financial topics in English and Spanish and creating a list of open job positions in a variety of job fields throughout the community of Waltham.  

Before applying for a job make sure to take advantage of WATCH's workshops to update your resume, learn how to write a cover letter, and sharpen your interviewing skills. Visit our Job and Financial Management Clinic page for upcoming workshops!

Questions to ask yourself when researching a job post?

  • Understand the job posting and whether this job would be a good fit for you
  • Determine what the application process entails
  • Make sure the job posting and company are legitimate
  • Read through a company's website in the about us, what we do, and history sections to learn more about a company. 

If you have never received assistance from WATCH CDC before, please fill out this intake form and make sure to select "I need help with Job Search or Career Goals".

If you're a returning WATCH client but still need guidance during your job search process contact Carlos at carlos@watchcdc.org.

Getting Started

Resume Tips

  • Use action verbs
  • Use vivid language
  • Include only the most relevant information starting with the most relevant and important information
  • Correct and proofread for grammatical errors.

Here is a sample resume to guide you when making your own resume.

Interview Tips

  • Research the company you are applying to.
  • Have a list of references
  • Review the job description you are applying for
  • Come prepared with questions

Job Openings


Job Search Platforms 

Free Online Certificates and Classes

*Please know that WATCH CDC is unable to take responsibility for the integrity or validity of each company or job posting conditions. WATCH CDC also can’t guarantee the position listed and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment. Please remember that it’s your responsibility to research the company and its integrity before you apply. WATCH CDC will only list job postings that are inclusive to all and do not appear to be discriminated by any legally protected category. Please be aware that WATCH CDC won’t post job listings that require anyone to work in people’s private homes such as babysitting or odd jobs due to liability.*