Online Teaching Guide

Tutorials to assist teachers and volunteers with various Zoom functions such as screen sharing, breakout rooms, and more.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing 

This Zoom help page breaks down step by step how to share your screen on different devices. 

This video visually demonstrates what it looks like to share your screen.


Basic Steps:


  1. Create your Zoom room. 

  1. Click the “Share Screen” button.

  1. This screen will appear. It is a list of all the different options available for you to share. You will likely want to open an application window, such as Word, Google Chrome, or Powerpoint. The whiteboard option gives you a blank screen for you to write and type on, which is also useful. Click on the desired option, and click “Share”. The lesson plan I want to share is in my Google Chrome application, so I will click on the Google Chrome window. If you will be sharing a video, or other media that involves audio, check the “Share sound” box in the bottom left corner. 

  1. You are now sharing your screen for the application you chose. Meeting participants only see the application you choose. Because I am sharing Google Chrome, meeting participants will not see if I am also doing something on Powerpoint. The green banner in the picture below will let you know whenever you are actively screen sharing. You can stop screen sharing at any time by clicking “Stop Share.” 

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