Resources: Legal Resources

Legal Resources if you are facing eviction: 

  1. If you are behind on your rent, apply for rental assistance. 

Chapter 257 of the Massachusetts General Laws, states that an Eviction can be delayed if the tenant has applied for emergency rental assistance. If you are behind on rent, please apply for rental assistance here 

  1. Find out which court will hear your case: 

Depending on where the landlord files the case, it can be heard in either the Waltham district court or in the northeastern housing court. Look at your court summons to see which court your case will be heard in. 

You can look up the status of your case or ask questions of the court clerk here: 

Northeast Housing Court 

Waltham District Court 

Guide to MA remote hearings 

  1. Get legal assistance- Call these agencies to get legal representation. 


Housing Families - 781-322-9119, ext. 146. 

Provides free legal advice and assistance through "lawyer for a day" program at the Northeastern Housing Court in Woburn. Clients whose cases are in Waltham District court can also contact this office for help. 

Provides "Limited assistance representation” and will refer cases if more legal help is needed than they can provide. 

For information about other legal services for people with low incomes, contact: 

Other Sources of Legal Information: 


MassLegal Services