A Letter to Our Supporters

As 2019 comes to a close, Please read how your support of WATCH impacts our community!

Dear WATCH Supporter,
You are one of the reasons why my two sons and I have a roof over our heads in Waltham right now.  I’d like to thank you for your part in my life.  May I share my story with you?
I grew up in Waltham, moved away, and returned ten years go.  I love that my two sons are now attending the same schools that I went to growing up.  I have a good job.  I work full-time at one of the universities right here in Waltham.  But having two kids and being a single mom is tough.  Sadly, our future here in Waltham is in limbo.
Housing is my biggest issue.  It’s hard to keep up with what’s considered affordable.  Then, three years ago, I won the lottery—a spot on WATCH’s Local Voucher Program.  The program has given me help with my rent for almost three years.
Your support of WATCH has come to me in the form of rental assistance and housing stability.  I am grateful for your generosity and concern. My challenge is to keep my income ahead of rising rents and expenses. I worry that I might have to move if rents keep increasing.
WATCH develops programs and strategies to keep Waltham an affordable place to work and live. We need your continued support to keep these programs and assistance accessible to the people who need them.  Please support WATCH’s work to find solutions to rising housing costs.
I am now a member of WATCH.  I no longer struggle alone, and my efforts assist others in need.  I feel proud to be a member of an organization that has made an impact in my community and continues to fight to help families like my own remain here in Waltham.   I lend my voice as an advocate for affordable housing in Waltham.
Please join me in supporting the work of WATCH, Waltham’s only Community Development Corporation.  Together, we can find ways to keep Waltham affordable for families from every walk of life.
                                                                                    With hope,
P.S.  Our community is wonderful and I’m so glad you and I have WATCH to bring us together on these important issues!