WATCH submitted a new proposal to the Community Preservation Committee!

This morning, WATCH submitted our proposal for a Deed Restriction Buy-Down program. The program is a type of landlord incentive: participating landlords will be paid a substantial lump sum in exchange for renting their unit affordably for the duration of a 10-year deed restriction.

We purposefully chose to submit this proposal on the tail of the success of last week’s hearing on the inclusionary zoning proposal. There can be no doubt about either the affordable housing crisis Waltham is facing or the substantial community support for creating abundant solutions. Improving the city’s inclusionary zoning policy is one step forward, and the Deed Restriction Buy-Down is another. WATCH knows that improving access to affordable housing is a large, complex problem and it will require more than one solution.

Things are already moving quickly for this proposal. There will be a CPC hearing for it on Tuesday, March 12 at 7:30pm, and we need your support. Every single person who rallies for this hearing is a further testament to the strength of this community and our commitment to improving access for all in Waltham.

Let us know we can count on your presence by contacting Genoveva at (781) 891-6689 ext. 208 or


You can read more about our new proposal here.

Organizations & Businesses:  Endorsement form here