A huge thank you to everyone who showed up for affordable housing last week!

The City Council hearing on the proposal to increase the inclusionary zoning policy was a major success! The proposal updates Waltham’s inclusionary zoning policy, mandating that 15% of all new developments be set aside as affordable, up from where it currently stands at 10%. Fully one in four Waltham residents experience a housing burden, and this proposal is one of many necessary steps to combat this crisis of rental affordability.

Tons of passionate Waltham residents made their voices heard and demanded increased zoning for affordable housing. The line to speak in support of the proposal was out the door, and not a single person spoke against or even raised a hand to oppose it.

The proposal has since moved on to the Ordinance and Rules Committee, and will then be passed on to the Law Department. We’re excited to see it progress, and are confident – thanks to you – that we proved to the Council how much support there is for fair and equitable housing in Waltham.

See it for yourself! Watch the recording of the meeting on WCAC-TV.

We’re in the news! Read the Patch article about the hearing.

To learn more about the details of the proposal, visit our Community Organizing page.